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Our services are well suited for corporate organizations and individuals. We offer services like document translation, localization, proofreading, and a host of other language services.

Document Translation

We offer translation services for any form of documentation. Regardless of the number of documents to be translated, our translators are always diligent, providing you with quality service. Bilingual Solution Genius provides translation services in Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa for any type of document, in a prompt, efficient and professional way while also valuing your privacy.


Errors and inconsistencies during translation, can change the meaning of any text or document. It is therefore important to examine these documents before or after it has been translated. At Bilingual Solution Genius, we offer affordable linguistic check on any documentation. We check for grammar, typographical errors, cultural features, style and consistency of grammar.


We have a trained team of professional transcribers who are ready to help you transcribe your video and audio files. Our transcribers are reliable and have experience in various fields such as medical, academic, business and financial. They are native language speakers, which ensures that slangs, cultural Idioms, accents and dialects are not missed or translated inaccurately.


Localization ensures that all videos, audios, software materials are properly understood by the target audience and contains material that are not interpreted wrongly. At Bilingual Solution Genius, we pay close attention to everything from the terminology and style to the tone and dialect required for your cultural and social demographic.